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The client

Dreamticket luxury holidays is a niche holiday provider to the UK travel market. Established in 1994 it prides itself on operating cost-effectively without "middle-men" and can keep its prices keen. Dreamticket’s own employees have personally sampled the holidays they sell, and can give first-hand accounts of what the holiday maker will enjoy — Image

The issue

Dreamticket grew considerably from its early beginnings to a size of around 11 employees in 2004. Suretec undertook a project which involved the transition of Dreamticket’s POP-based email system to an in-house LDAP-based corporate directory and email system on its own servers, as well as a fax system. Following this successful project, Dreamticket contacted Suretec to discuss possibly installing an open source telephone call recording system.

Because Dreamticket sells financial services – holiday insurance – it is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and is required to monitor and record all calls with customers.

Dreamticket felt that in 2007 that its call recording system was not as flexible as they would wish, and needed an upgrade.

The solution

Dreamticket had received a number of estimates for call recording systems, but the cost was prohibitive at over £20,000. Discussion with Suretec resulted in a solution, tailored to Dreamticket’s own requirements, and costing a fraction of the earlier estimates.

The solution is based on an open source-based call recording server software, giving Dreamticket a powerful and flexible open source system.

The new system allows Dreamticket to be free from tie-ins to specific manufacturers, offers more features than they had ever planned, and allows for Dreamticket’s future growth. With employee numbers sometimes peaking around 90 people, Dreamticket needed a flexible system that will grow. The new system will easily accommodate calls from 200 customers at any one time, and has allowed Dreamticket to extend their telephone system to ensure cost-effective calls to anywhere in the world.

The Suretec solution provides Dreamticket with the capability to store up to 5 years of recorded calls, compared to only 3 months’ worth using the previous system, which used DVDs as backup. It allows commonly-available compact audio formats to be used to store calls

Client testimonial

Habib Datoo, director of e-commerce at Dreamticket

"Suretec worked with us for nearly two years before we ever needed to meet in person, as all work was carried out remotely, and very successfully. We were impressed with its commitment to finding the best solution for Dreamticket, and were very pleased with the new call recording capability, which will last us for many years.

"The call recording service has greatly enhanced our efficiency, and saved us more than £15,000. And the VoIP system is saving us thousands of pounds per year."


Dreamticket keeps its cost low and operates on tight budgets, which is one of the reasons open source was selected as the solution as it is free from license fees. Since the initial project worked so well, Dreamticket has continued to apply open source solutions, which are generating huge annual savings for the business when compared with proprietary licensed software options.

Not only does open source save Dreamticket money, but also provides rock-solid platforms and extremely feature rich products.

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